New servers and changes

We are making changes to our Counter Strike Global Offensive servers.
We started with the arena servers, where we can take a 1vs1 with our friends.
| ParadiseCommunity | 1v1 Arena | 128 tick |
We will make further tweaks and improvements to CS:GO servers #2 and #3.
We have also changed the Sven Coop server to a Windows machine due to technical problems.
New IP:
We now have a new Natural Selection 2 server available for all levels.
| ParadiseCommunity | NS2 |
We are pleased to announce that we are also working on a new server with TF2 Karts.

New servers added

There are new servers available for the following games:
Team Fortress 2:
Trade Minecraft Neon:
Surf Mode:
Natural Selection 2:
NS2 #1:
Garrys Mod:
Sven Co-op:
Sven Co-op #1:
Killing Floor 2:
| KF2#1 |
| KF2#2 |

Our servers

Natural Selection 2

Killing Floor 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Team Fortress 2